Thick Cocks

In the thick versus long debate, my observation is that girthy cocks take the cake(s).  Generally, its a better fuck and that’s because of three advantages.

1)  It’s not uncomfortably deep in me – not that depth has ever been an issue for me.

2) It fills me up better – rubbing and bumping the prostrate harder and in more positions.  Did I say that I like width!!

3) The extra thickness requires a bigger stretch in the ass muscle, which provides such epic pleasure that the fuck is that much more intense!  Oink!

I love them as thick as my wrist!  Facefuck me with that jawbreaker and then bend me over and shove that hammercock into my ass!  By the time that I have taken it down to its gargantuan base, every single air molecule is my lungs has already been fucked out of me and I’m gasping for more.  More fucking that is!  I’ll breathe later!

By the way, got a buddy with an equally thick dick?  Two thick ones at once – I’m in pig heaven!!


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